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Los Angeles, CA

Filmmaker Ben Wolfinsohn wanted to record some soundtrack music for his upcoming film "Nowhere" at Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios. David Scott Stone provided the music, bringing over a large Synthesizer Technologies modular synthesizer, playing it here at the Blueberry Buddha control room.

Ben is probably best known for his documentary "Friends Forever", a film about a band that never plays in clubs, but instead puts on smoke-spewing generaetor-powered shows from inside their well-traveled van to stunned audiences outside of rock clubs. Seeing this band was always something special, and Ben's film captured their energy and experience extremely well.

David Scott Stone manipulating his Tube Tape Echo unit at Blueberry Buddha's drum room, with the various amps miced in the background, recording music and sounds for Ben Wolfinsohn's upcoming film "Nowhere".  The trailer and other photos of this recording session can be seen on my Eleven Shadows website.

Vocalist/keyboardist Julia Holter was instrumental in bringing the first song we recorded at Blueberry Buddha, "Prisms of Glass," to life, adding her personality, aesthetic approach, vocals, and keyboard playing for the upcoming Linda Perhacs album, her first in forty years.  Julia performed "Delicious" at Linda's REDCAT performance in Fall 2009.

Photo taken June 2010 while working on the second song, "Intensities".

Linda is recording her first album since  groundbreaking "Parallelograms" here at our studio.

Linda's a bit camera-shy, but photos of her are forthcoming!


Vocalist Michelle Vidal and guitarist Aaron Robinson working on a song entitled "Intensities" with Linda Perhacs in Echo Park. 

Aaron, Julia, and Robbie Williamson, all of whom performed at the REDCAT with Linda Perhacs last fall.

Robbie, along with We Are The World, performed "Moons and Cattails" with an amazing dance troupe.

Aaron also performed at REDCAT, playing guitar on "Parallelograms" with Linda and serving as de facto musical director.

Julia plays her MicroKorg while working on the second song, "Intensities", by Linda Perhacs in June 2010.

Aaron at Blueberry Buddha, playing on the first Linda Perhacs album in 40 years.

Michelle and Aaron working on "Intensities" with Linda Perhacs, May 2010.

Aaron playing slide guitar for the Linda Perhacs sessions, May 2010.

Kofi Baker, son of acclaimed drummer Ginger Baker of Cream, recording with psychedelic rock fusion band 3000 Realms at Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios, summer 2009.  Kofi teaches drums, does many sessions, particularly jazz fusion sessions, and has a very strict diet and work-out regimen.



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