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Analog and Digital Recording:
* Pro Tools10 on Mac Pro OS 10.6.8
ADAM A7 studio and Yorkville YSM-1 passive monitors
Apogee Rosetta 800 converter
* Waves Renaissance Maxx, MDW Hi-Res EQ, Waves Vocal Rider, more...
* Akai MG-14D analog 12-track rackmount recorder
(base price $100/tape for transfers)

Lawson L251 vacuum tube condenser microphone
Audio Technica AT4060 (modified) tube condenser cardioid microphone
* 2 Audio Technica 4051/4049s (modified) small diaphragm condensers
* Rode NT2 large diaphragm condenser, Shure SM57s, Sennheiser 421s, AKG D112, Woodpicker contact mics, more
* Heil PR-30 (2) and Heil PR-40
* Avenson STO-1 omnis (2)
(most of these I use at my rehearsal studio; if you wish to use a specific mic, inquire about these in advance)

 Mic preamps:
Neve Portico 5012 (Rupert Neve Designs)
FMR RNP mic preamps (beautiful, open sound)
* Peavey VMP2 vacuum tube mic preamp/DI/EQ

Signal Processing (Hardware):
* TC Electronics M300 reverb with digital I/O, Moog MuRF, Alesis Quadraverb, Alesis AirFX, Pigtronix Echolution (
many of these I use at my rehearsal studio; if you wish to use a specific mic, inquire about these in advance)
* 1
RNC 1773 Really Nice Compressor, 1 FMR RNLA

* Korg MS-20 analog patchbay synthesizer, Kawai K3, Roland JX3P and MKS-70 analog synthesizers, Emu Proteus III World Module (available if you request them in advance - most of these are at my rehearsal studio).

Guitar Equipment:
Carr Rambler guitar tube amplifier, 1967 Gibson SG
(these are at my rehearsal studio, so please request them in advance).

Burmese gong, Tibetan bell, Tibetan tingshas, Javanese gamelan instruments (gender)
blue lava lamp, Buddha wall-hangings, stone Buddhas, incense, Indian tapestries, Persian rugs, wood floors, Roland Bass Cube 30 amp (for DI or micing)

  Have no worries, Blueberry Buddha Studio has disabled the Suck Knob from all its gear.

The Musician's Nirvana


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