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Welcome to Blueberry Buddha Recording Studio!  I am driven to create a recording that best supports your artistic and emotional statement.  I'll do this by creating an environment of creativity and comfort.  Please email me and we can talk about the best approach for what you want to record.  You will record awesome performances here, and will not be able to believe how good your music or recorded audio sounds.  Great audio can be recorded in a shoestring budget.


The legendary Rupert Neve and Ken the Audio Monk.


A few facts about the Audio Monk recording your music:

*  Ken is a recording engineer who has written for musicplayer.com and EQ Magazine Ken is also an active participant in the musicplayer.com forums and worships beautiful, full, warm audio nirvana.

* His innovative recording techniques have been featured in articles in Future Music, New Media and Drum! Magazine.

* Ken was one of three featured composers in the American Composers Forum's 14th Composer's Salon along with Morton Subotnick and Tom Heasley.

* Eleven Shadows (one of Ken's music projects) Irian Jaya was nominated in the first round of voting by NARAS for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

*  His music has been featured on BBC, Radio Moscow, NPR, Costa Rica Independent Radio Network, KCRW, KXLU, XM Radio, and many other radio stations.

* Ken's music and guitar playing have been featured in the television series Felicity and several other television programs, several MTV programs, and the films 21 and Echoes of Enlightenment.

Eleven Shadows Sangsara has received numerous accolades in the press, including the honor of Music of the Year in the U.K's prestigious Future Music Magazine, and strong reviews in Spin, Alternative Press, and other publications.

*  Created original soundtrack music with Lisa Kelly for The Whale Sharks of Bahia, a DVD by filmmaker Nigel Lizaranzu for the Museo de Naturaleza Y Cultura in Bahia de Los Angeles in Mexico.

*  Contributing editor for The Tibet Connection, the First English Language Radio Magazine About Tibet; radio shows air the last Friday of each month on KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles.


Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and Jack White with Ken the Audio Monk.

The amazing Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick with Ken the Audio Monk.


Client Russell Mael of Sparks with Ken the Audio Monk at Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios.

Acclaimed jazz fusion drummer Kofi Baker, son of Cream drummer Ginger Baker, at Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios.  Ken recorded Kofi drumming with heavy psychedelic-rock-fusion band 3000 Realms.

The late great singer Ronnie James Dio was also an owner of the Akai MG1214.  Ken the Audio Monk does audio transfers from this machine at Blueberry Buddha. 

R.I.P. Ronnie, and thank you.

Ken's Blueberry Buddha Recording Studio clients include:
Russell Mael of Sparks, acclaimed jazz fusion drummer Kofi Baker (son of legendary drummer Ginger Baker of Cream), Rae Dileo (producer for Filter, Henry Rollins, Army of Anyone, Veruca Salt), members of Dig, Goth heavyweights Twist of Fate, pop sensations Chewy Marble, and 1990s LA hardcore stalwarts Gasp (one of six bands on Decibel Magazine Essential Powerviolence Listening Guide).

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