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Digital Rebirth Explained

Archiving is a method that virtually ensures that ALL files will be opened by ANY DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).  You want this in an archival session so that anyone can read your audio files on just about anything.  The files can be read easily.

Instead of simply saving your Pro Tools session, we would instead consolidate each track into one single .wav or .aiff file (instead of the various edits, empty spaces, etc.) and make sure it is logically labeled so you would be able to readily identify the track easily.  Almost anybody with a DAW can simply line up all of your audio files and be able to start working on it again right away, regardless of what kind of DAW being used!

Your audio would be saved to DVD-R at the same sampling rates it was recorded at originally.

After you receive your archiving or back-up DVD-R, your audio will be stored for approximately one month on our back-up hard drive before being deleted. You would show Great Wisdom in storing your DVD-R properly and out of the sun.





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