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october 2008
After playing with Nectarphonic for ten years, Ustad Khan Ali, the guitarist and keyboardist, has decided to leave the band at the end of 2008 for a variety of reasons, including wishing to record his own music.  However, he will continue recording the new songs that the band has written at Blueberry Buddha and support the creative efforts of the band!

january 2008
Nectarphonic works on their studio tan, recording three new songs at Blueberry Buddha.


october 2007
Nectarphonic 3.0 hits the clubs, featuring Kerry on lead vocals and our new bass player, Chris Echols.  We're vibrating with renewed energy - new creativity, new people, new photos, and new songs.  Thank you for being a part!


summer 2007-Nectarphonic video
We have a dreamy new video of "Hang On"  (directed by Theone Masoner; DP/Editor Nigel Lizaranzu)


december 2006
Nectarphonic tours San Francisco, wtih gigs at Brainwash and the Apple Store in Stockton --- with our new bass player, Paul O'Leary!


september 2006
Nectarphonic is the featured CD in Amoeba Records Homegrown Acts, chosen by Amoeba's music staff.  Our CD is selling well in L.A.'s largest independent store!!

Hollywood's Homegrown Hit
CD $9.98
Nectarphonic forges a sound from the heavens above and the earth below, as if The Cocteau Twins fronted Pink Floyd at a seedy downtown club. Liberally spiced with brutal dynamics or howling feedback, their music is ultimately an offering of beautiful sweetness.

See Nectarphonic live at BB Kings Universal City Walk -- Thursday October 19 at 8:45pm!

- Three of Nectarphonic's songs - Circles, The Little Ease, and Hang On - will appear in the first episode of the new season of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge!

march 2006
We have two new members of Nectarphonic, Suki and Kerry Bennett, who bring a beautiful energy and flow to Nectarphonic that you will have to experience to believe!

- We have parted ways with our long-time lead singer, Judy Neubauer.  We wish her our absolute best in all her creative endeavors.

february 2006
Nectarphonic appears on these following TV shows:
- ANTHONY BOURDAIN (Travel Channel)

Nectarphonic's upcoming CD, "Satellite" has been sent off to the mastering lab.  We're looking forward to a possible March release!!

october 2005
Nectarphonic unveils three new MP3s from their upcoming CD.  Exclusively available here!!  Available for a limited time only.

october 2005
Nectarphonic tapped to film music video of "Undone", their mind-warping slice of psychedelia!

september 2005
Featured Artist on Radio Radio!

august 2005
Nectarphonic ringtones available for your mobile phone!

march 2005
MTV announces that Nectarphonic's music will be featured on "Pimp My Ride"!

Top Ten band on webcds.com!

january 2005
"A Million Things" hits #2 on mperia.com!

december 2004
Nectarphonic is hard at work in the recording studio writing music for a TV theme show and squeeze in time to finish their second CD!

october 2004
song "Will I" was licensed for an episode of the show "Knock First" on the ABC Family Channel.

"Swoon" is featured as an Mi2N 'Best of the Batch' on our MusicDish site and newsletter.

september 2004
nectarphonic's song "will i" was licensed for an episode of the show "knock first" on the ABC Family Channel. the episode initially aired last february.

july 2004
nectarphonic has just licensed three of our new songs to three mtv shows: "real world", "road rules" and "road rules challenge". the shows are being edited now. look for our music in these shows around september 2004.

we are a featured artist on mperia.com and one of our songs, "a million things", makes the top 10!!

still recording....still recording....

march 2004
we are gigging with our new bass player bryan jeffries!!

november 2003
we are trapped in a recording studio and can't get out!!  nectarphonic is recording their second cd!

may 2003
nectarphonic's music is featured on felicity dvd release!

february 2003
nectarphonic plays in store at tower records on sunset
click here to see photos from performance

november 2002
xm radio interviews lorenzo on 12 november - continues to play nectar extensively on their digital satellite network!

new name......the band has, at least for the moment, adopted the name nectarphonic

october 2002
nectar getting played on sixteen stations all over the beautiful country of costa rica

september 2002
nectar secures deal with the WB - gets a song on an upcoming episode of felicity !!!

august 2002
we can no longer use the band name nectar. you can help us do that in our name the band contest !!

july 2002
steve karolus sighting in bulgarian newspaper

we have two songs played on mtv's road rules!

the tv show "felicity" uses nectar's music for a show to be aired in the fall!

nectar heads north to san francisco for three groovy gigs

april 2002
writing new songs!

march 2002
nectar is in the listening booths of the prestigious hear music record store chain

february 2002
adam passow joins nectar as their new bass player -- and like steve, he's also from wisconsin!

december 2001
nectar cd release party at the knitting factory for their full-length cd "swoon"

may 2001
bass player steve karolus gets married and moves to bulgaria!

april 2001
enthusiastic about their new songs, nectar venture into the recording studio again to commit their sounds to thin rusty strips of tape.

march 2001
nectar continues to receive plentiful airtime on mtv!

februrary 2001
nectar unveils their unique cover of "stranglehold" before its stunned los angeles audience

december 2000
Nectar gets their studio tans while recording new songs for their upcoming full-length release!

october 2000
"the one" by nectar is featured prominently in an independent film entitled "echoes of enlightenment".

The drummer, lorenzo scott, and guitarist, ustad khan ali, swim with the elusive whale sharks in baja california.

nectar performs live in kxlu (voted best radio station in la by la weekly)

summer 2000
nectar guitarist ustad khan ali travels to burma and india!

june 2000
Nectar consistently charts in the top ten on the afd independent music charts!

may-june 2000
nectar holes up in mensh tracht, gott lacht (man plans, god laughs) studios . these new songs will be included on an upcoming full-length cd!  

7 may 2000
nbc national news interviews members of nectar (and lars ulrich of metallica) on a feature story about the controversy surrounding napster and mp3s.   short clips of nectar playing live are also included in the national broadcast.

april 2000
mtv uses nectar's music for "Undressed", one of their fine weekly programs.

november 1999
nectar's music is prominently included in the independent movie "21". 

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