Chapter 23: "He's your older brother"



1985 Jakarta, Indonesia

"Hey, I'm your older brother - and I've been looking for you almost 40 years!"

1957_Indonesia Charlie and Family

"And here are some of my family pictures; (Above)1950s and my oldest son, (Right) Romy in 1980s"


"All I knew was that you were somewhere in the United States."

"Would you believe - I wrote 1-3 letters every month to everybody I knew, asking if they knew where you were. No replies."

"You cannot believe my joy in finding you at last!"


Jakarta, Indonesia
Chin Yuen Xu ("Charlie") and some of his family

For those that do not know, this is a very common scam; people would love to find a "rich" relative living in the United States. After all, aren't all the streets in America paved with gold?
Then you've got them trying to bring their 'relatives' over to the U.S., and YOU paying a large amount of their bills!

NOW, can you really trust this guy? How do you know this is for real? C'mon! 40 years later?


1985 North Hollywood, CA

"Connie said "This is really your older brother." Can this really BE true, after 40 years? I really want to believe him. This would be a miracle if it IS true!"

What was the one thing most convincing that this is real?

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