Epilogue: Where are the Guos now?



Somewhere over the Pacific,
Misty and family on the way to U.S.


1997 Westlake Village, CA
Meeting most of the translators.
From left to right (translators in Italics):
Sharon Wu (Duncan's wife), Melody, Elisa and John Wang, Duncan and Jeffrey Wu, Chang-Huey Wu, and Misty.


1997, Santa Monica, CA
Melody, Misty, Mavis, and Dennis


1997, Thousand Oaks, CA
At ESL school, with their first car (Toyota)
John, Gail, Melody, and Misty


1997, Los Angeles, CA
Meeting again with friends from the past.
Front, Left to Right: Bill & Trudy Tom, Gail and John
Back, Left to Right: Chet, Misty, Mavis, Melody


2000 NYC, NY- first home
Melody, Gail, John and Misty


2002, Brooklyn, NY Melody taking oath of US citizenship,
as did Misty and Gail;
now, they're all eligible for jury duty.

Right: 06/2002, NYC, NY
Misty Graduation from Baruch College at Madison Square Garden
Chet, Misty, Gail, John


Above: 2002, Virginia
Misty meets Ken Herst-and he behaved! Shock!


06/2002, NYC, NY
Melody graduating from Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY
Left to Right: Melody, Chet, Gail, John

2008-05_NYC Misty MBA Graduation1

05/2008, NYC, NY
Misty MBA Graduation from NYU
Melody, Misty, Kevin Zhu(Who's he?), Gail, & John

2007-06_NYC Reception15

06/2007, NYC, NY Wedding Reception
Front, Left to Right: Chet, Mavis, Gail, John
Back, Left to Right: Lisa, Ken, Misty & Kevin (Oh, THAT Kevin!), Dennis

2007-06 NYC MistyTeaCeremony21

06/2007, NYC, NY
Misty and Kevin's Tea Ceremony (part of Wedding ceremony)
Mavis and Chet being paid respects by Misty and Kevin and receiving gifts.

2008-07_NYC Melody Wedding

07/2008, Brooklyn, NY Melody & Sean's Wedding
From Left to Right:
Shanna, Misty, Mavis, Gail, Melody and Sean,
John, Chet, Dennis, Kevin, and Guo Lin-Yu

2008-07_NYC Melody Reception

07/2008, Flushing, NY
Melody and Sean Sy
Wedding Reception


11/2011, Santa Monica, CA
At Dennis & Terri Wedding Dinner
From Left to Right: Misty, Mila, & Kevin;
Gail, Melody, John and Sean (standing)


03/2012, Brooklyn, NY
Melody, Byron (8 mos) and Sean Sy


11/2011, Brooklyn, NY
Mila (2 years old)

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