Characters in Book: Sam and Family



1992 ToiShan, China
Chin Yuen Ke, aka Sam
Chet's younger brother by 10 years. We met in 1986.
Sam passed away 11/1996, 3 months before scheduled to emigrate to the U.S.


1996 ToiShan, China
Sam's family
Left: Sam, Chet, Charlene, Roy, Wendy, & Sally


1993 ToiShan, China
Sam and Charlene


1993 ToiShan, China
Chin Xiu Yi, aka Charlene
She was the 'farmer' in the family; now "retired" and moved to New Zealand to be with Wendy, taking care of Roland and Regina.


1995 ToiShan, China - Roy and Sally wedding
Chin Jie Guan, aka Roy
Roy and Sally have one daughter Lorraine.
Roy is working in the police department.
Sally owns florist shop, with delivery service

2008-06_NZ Wendy01

2008 New Zealand
Hui Yen, aka Wendy
Clockwise: Ricky Sze, Charlene, Regina, Wendy, Roland

Wendy is married to Ricky Sze, now living in New Zealand with their 2 kids, Roland and Regina.
Ricky is an IT specialist.

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