Characters in Book: Our Pets



1950s Chicago, IL
Champ came after Lucky , my first dog, which was run over.


1969 Chicago, IL
Dennis and Lady


1972 Woodridge, IL
Duke trying to cover up his ears while Ken plays the piano. Duke was in our lives 1971-1977.

1972_dukebday 1982_FreddieKen

1972 Woodridge, IL
Happy 1st Birthday, Duke.
Careful on blowing out that candle! (See the big doggie bone?)
Duke was named after Marmaduke.
Out of 3 dogshows, he finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

1982 Woodland Hills, CA Freddie, 1981-1983.


2008 Westlake Village, CA
Koi in our pond, 1994-present.


1992 Westlake Village, CA
Ducks being fed in our backyard.

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