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2007 Florida
Jane and Joe Lee with grandkids.
Joe is Chet's older cousin, and also a friend that understood him better than his parents. We met around 1947. They have 3 kids, Esther, Jack, and Danny.
Both are retired and living in Florida.
(Was Hurricane Katrina blowing when this picture was taken?)


1960s Boston, MA
Danny, Uncle Poy Lee, Jack, and Grandpa Lee Dong
Uncle Poy is Victoria's younger brother; he is Connie's (Yee Ping) father. I would met with Uncle Poy and Grandfather every so often in Boston late 50s, early 60s.
Danny (youngest) and Jack are Joe Lee's sons.

007-07_Irvine ArnieWithJudy01

2007 Irvine, CA
Arnie (from Boston college days) & Judy Lowey.
We met in Boston 1958 during college days, and stayed at the same rooming house.
Professor Arnold is currently Texas Tech School of Law’s new Judge George R. Killam Jr. Chair of Criminal Law after having taught for 38 years at the University of North Carolina School of Law.


1990 Chicago, IL
Carl Morris
Carl Morris was chess captain at Continental Can Company; he also helped me with many projects around our Woodridge home. We met in Chicago 1969, when I tried out for the company chess team.
He passed away 12/2009.

2008-04_LA TrudyBill02

2008 Los Angeles, CA
Trudy & Bill Tom
We met them on our 1986 three-week tour of China; they stopped by ToiShan after the tour and brought TVs, etc. for my relatives.
Both are retired and living in Southern California, and we still see each often.

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