Characters in Book: Chet



1988 Flying to Tucson
Chester (Chet) Lee


1988 - Hollywood, CA
Mavis Lee, aka The Panda, surrounded by her favorite animals.
I met her in Chicago, when coming back from Boston in 1961, and swept her off her feet (??!) and we were married in 1962. She retired in 2009.


2004 Ottawa, Canada
Chet and Mavis Lee
They have 2 boys, Ken and Dennis


2011 CA
Dennis Lee and Terri at wedding party; they were married 8/2011.
Dennis is the youngest son of Chet & Mavis, born 8/1966. He is Director of Finance at an advertising agency, loves sports, and very talented and quick in logic and math.


2006 Andean Highlands, Ecuador
Ken Chester Lee
Ken is the oldest son of Chet & Mavis, born 12/1963. He works as a Special Education teacher; he loves to travel all over the world, is very talented in (click on links) various activities,
(travel) photography,
and produces musical albums.


2001 Princess Cave, Thailand
Lisa Kelly
Lisa is Ken's significant other. She is the Associate Director of Development for a nonprofit that serves people of all ages with disabilities.


2003 Westlake Village, CA

Our family:
Dennis, Mavis, Lisa and Ken


05/2012, Encino, CA
Celebrating birthdays and Anniversary

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