Characters in Book: C-H



1988 Chicago, IL
Chu King Kwai (aka Lee Chan - name Anglicized due to translation) - she is the broker who negotiated the adoption of Yuen Yick (Chet), as well as found a family to bring him to U.S. We met late 1946.
She is Connie's mother and former wife of Uncle Poy Lee.


1960s, Chicago, IL
Chu Yee Ping, (aka Connie Hom, then Connie Moy), with husband Ken Moy
Connie had always been very friendly and nice to Chet.
We met late 1946.
She was also the one that forwarded Charlie's letter.
She and Joe Lee are cousins.

The Moys are deceased, as is Connie's mother;
Chet visited Connie in Chicago a few days before her death in 1/2007.


1963 Rhein Main Air Base, Germany
Dr. Max Euwe, former World Chess Champion being "taught" a couple lessons on strategy by Mavis. We met in 1963, when he gave a simultaneous chess exhibition with 30+ opponents.
Dr. Euwe and I kept in touch until his death in 1981.


1989 VA
Ken Herst
Met Ken while at Ft. Dix, NJ., 1961. He always claimed that our oldest son was named after him. He and his wife, Linda, are both retired and living in Virginia.


1966 South Korea
Ken Herst, promoted to SP6


1986 Woodland Hills, CA
Left: Scarlett Hu, translator and Mavis; also shown are good friends Renuka and Mohan Mahaindra. We met Scarlett in 1984, and the Mahaindras in 1983.


1986 Woodland Hills, CA
Jill Hu, translator. We met in 1983.
She is living with her family in Northern California.

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