Characters in Book: Ackerleys, Beverages, Chins (Harry & Victoria; Charlie)



1981 Streamwood, IL
Leonard Ackerley with his family

Left: Ken, Madeline (Len's mom), Dianna, Len, Sue,
Mavis, and Dennis
Len was Chester's (Chet) best childhood friend and
have remained friends to this day.
We met around 1950, when we were in 4th grade.
He met Sue while in the Army in Germany, married her,
and have one daughter, Dianna.
He and Sue are retired and live in S.C.

1970_Beverage Family 001

1970 Chicago, IL

Larry Beverage with his family.
LEFT: Gerald, Larry, Genevieve, and Jerry
Larry was the other best childhood friend of Chester (Chet). We met around 1948.
His family drove Chet to Baptist church every Sunday, as well as many other church activities .
Larry and his mother have passed away.


1950s, Chicago, IL
Harry Moy Kwong and Victoria Chin
Family that adopted Chet Lee in 1946.
Victoria passed away 8/1966 and Harry 12/1967


1986 Hong Kong
Chin Yuen Xu, aka, "Charlie Chan" with daughter Susan. Charlie searched for almost 40 years to find Chin Yuen Yick (aka Chester "Chet" Lee, aka Lee Gock Keung), his younger brother by 9 years, finally succeeding in 1985.
Charlie is currently retired and living in Indonesia, with his family and oldest son, Romy.

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